Wow, was my reaction to the results of the first surgery. Unbelievable after the second. 50 plus years of wearing glasses and now having 20/20 vision in both eyes…..I can not sum up my happiness. The new Lensx Laser procedure and multifocal Restor IOL’s are fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Krates, Dr. Porter and your entire staff. P.S. I’m still searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses.” — David D.

20 years ago, my wife started seeing Dr. Krates for a bad case of shingles in her eye. She was so pleased with the kindness and patience he showed her, she suggested I see him for my glaucoma. I have been his patient ever since. The glaucoma was kept stable for a while – with the use of drops and Laser. That escalated to many drops per day. There came a day when Dr. Krates suggested glaucoma surgery, putting a shunt in the left eye. What a blessing that was! The pressure came down, and the drops were reduced (at first, none at all). In June, 2012 Dr. Krates operated on my first cataract. In July, the second one was done. Special implants were placed in the eyes, due to the great amount of astigmatism. For someone who has worn glasses since he was 5, it was amazing. I could see really well without glasses. All in all my relationship with Dr. Krates has been a win, win. My glaucoma is well under control, and my eyesight is great.” — William J. O.

There are not enough words to express what a wonderful experience my cataract surgery was with Dr. Krates at Krates Eye Centers. Everything was done in a professional manner, but at the same time there was a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The results of my surgery were so amazing – I no longer need to wear glasses! I find myself reaching to push my glasses up, or take them off, only to realize I no longer wear them. My vision has never been this good. Upon telling my brother, who lives in Arizona, what a great experience my cataract surgery was, he said “I may have to fly in and have mine done at Krates Eye Centers”– Darlene Sue C.

Dr. Krates is a warm, friendly, considerate and thoughtful doctor who inspires great confidence and trust and does a brilliant job. I am delighted that I was able to fly to Chicago from Ireland to have him perform my cataract surgery and I would highly recommend him to anyone.” — Karen T. C. (Ireland)

“Dr. Farley was very professional and personable with every interaction I had with him during my pre-op cataract surgery and post-op care.  He was knowledgeable and reassuring.  The entire staff associated with Krates Eye Center were, in my experience, great.  The surgery itself went very well; I am cataract free with no need for glasses!”

“[At Krates Eye Center] everything is professional and the wait times are appropriate.  I am very happy with having chosen these caring people to take care of me.”

Krates Eye Centers doctors and staff always are exceptional in everything they do.  They have my complete confidence!”

Dr Nick is a very compassionate man. He takes the time to answer ALL of your questions and doesn’t rush you out of the exam room. I had cataract surgery and wanted him to explain the procedure to me. He did it in terms I could understand and didn’t make me feel that my questions were stupid. (If he wasn’t such a good Dr he would make an excellent teacher!!) He put me at ease during the surgery and did all that he could to make me comfortable. Very caring during my post op visits. -Donna Marie Glogowski in New Lenox, IL | Jun 07, 2016